RISC OS Web Server


RISC OS is a unique open-source OS designed precisely for ARM processors by the creators of the original ARM. It is being maintained by a dedicated community of volunteers and it is neither related to gamers web hostingows or Linux. RISC OS was first released in 1987 by famous British computer company Acorn Computers. The look of RISC OS is of Linux and the feel of the BBC microcomputer. This OS has been around for over 30 years.

WebJames is one of the best web server solutions for RISC OS. It is a server with an integrated PHP interpreter. WebJames is available in the PackMan package manager and it is very easy to use. Packman installs WebJames into :0.$.Apps. Web, but you can easily move it to any location as per your requirement. You can also put WebJames in to a removable USB stick. This has got to be the simplest web server you ever seen. It doesn’t require any complex configuration. You only need to simply launch the server and point it at some HTML files.  As long as WebJames is running, it will carefully listen on port 80 for any requests. WebJames certainly makes RISC OS more and more attractive as an operating system.