Go live: How to set up domain + Web hosting


For building any king of website, the first two steps, registering a domain and finding a host for your site will always be the same. It is rather difficult to choose the right tools, services, and techniques with all of the various options available for your basic requirement.

Setting up your website domain is very crucial as it allows people to visit your sites. You need to first purchase a domain and connect it to your published site by setting up a CNAME and two A records in your DNS settings. In order to live your site, you need to publishing your site, setting up your domain through your domain host.After your site get published, you are asked to select from one of the following three available domain options:


  1. Default Domain: Basically, default domain is not good for your site’s SEO. The URL will be a subdomain with your custom naming. You can use the original default domain.
  2. Purchase a new domain for your site: You may purchase a domain from Google Domains or Hover. Whenever you type your domain into the field, a menu provides with suitable suggestions.
  3. Use a domain you already own: You may use a domain that you already purchased and own from the domain host. Don't forget to add "www." to the URL.

After setting up your domain, you need to set up your DNS settings through your domain host. To do this, you require admin access to the domain which you expect to use. In your domain host, you have to create two A records and a CNAME record.

Selecting a suitable host is the first step to getting your website online. To setup a web hosting is easier than you might think even if you are a beginner. Shared hosting is just like renting an apartment, VPS is like to owning a condo, and dedicated servers are similar to owning your own home. The three steps for web hosting are:


    • Buy a domain name: The first step to building a website is registering a domain name. A domain is actually acting as an internet address. This is the permanent address where internet users can find your website.
    • Select a hosting provider: The hosting provider provides servers that store your website and make it available for online internet users to view. Domain registrars may offer web hosting.
    • Choose a hosting plan: Before you start building your website, you need to decide best suitable type of hosting plan for your website. There are five main types of hosting available in the market - Shared, VPS, Managed WordPress, Dedicated, and Reseller. For a new website, a good shared hosting plan or managed WordPress account are considered to be best to start as they are cheap and easy to maintain.