How much should I pay for web hosting?


If you wish to launch a website, you will need to spend your money for hosting. Understanding and estimating all the costs involved in hosting a website is crucial if you want to be able to budget well.You may not have estimated all the related cost and services involved when you decided to start a new website. You need to invest your money in a web hosting service along with registering a domain name. In fact, hosting services are probably cheaper than you might expect. The cost for hosting depends on your need, the cheapest web hosting plans available start at around $2 a month and on the other hand dedicated hosting can cost you over $1,000. Web hosting plans for individuals and small to medium size businesses can generally get almost everything they need around in the $2 to $20 a monthly plan and $50 monthly will be the upper limit you’re likely to face.Some specific types of web hosting plans cost more, certain types of domains are priced higher and more.

When you pay for hosting your website, you’re basically paying for a slice of a server’s space.When you initially register a domain, you generally only pay for one year of ownership. You will then require to renew your registration, which usually costs the same as the initial purchase.Shared website hosting plan is the most affordable hosting option and best choice for new websites particularly if your website won’t be too large. The cheapest shared hosting plan will generally be immensely basic and the expensive plans offer add-ons like unlimited email accounts or hosting for more domains.