Does G Suite do web hosting?


G Suite doesn't provide website hosting services. This is clearly mentioned on the G-Suite website. G Suite is basically a messaging and collaboration platform which offers you Gmail, google drive etc.Through G Suite, you will able to access to a number of web hosting bostonful Google applications like Docs, Hangouts, Calendar, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, and Plus.G Suite for Work gives you professional email, video meetings online storage, shared calendars and more.G Suite also includes some useful mobile tools.All of the apps are available on iOS or Android mobile phones and tablets as well as gamers web hostingows, Linux, or Mac computers.If you are looking for website hosting, you can consider Google cloud platform offered by google or another service provider like aws or azure.

Remember G Suite is not a web hosting provider but Google web hosting solutions are provided through Google Cloud Platform.G Suite account will provide you access to Gmail on your preferred domain and 30GB of Google Drive storage per user basis.