Best Free Javascript Web Hosting


As a professional javascript developer or a student learning javascript, you will always look for a reliable web hosting provider for hosting your projects without providing your credit card details to the web hosting provider and without using a third party domain name. It is to be noted that most of the free web hosting sites equipped with SSL certificates free of cost so that you can make your website secure for the users. They also provide you the option to add your custom domain to your website.

Below are the best web hosting providers for JavaScript developers that do not ask your credit card details. They also provide facility to add a custom domain name and also offer SSL certificates free of cost to your domain.


1. Github Pages
Github Pages is the most popular free of cost static website hosting platform among the developers to host their open source documentations and portfolio website. If you decided to host your website on Github Pages, you should have a github account because to host your new website on Github Pages you will require a github repository where you can store your source code so that github can able to deploy your code to the github pages automatically. You can also able to add your custom domain name free of cost to the website.

Github Pages also enforce HTTPS for your website free of cost which further makes your website secure. You can enforce HTTPS to your website by checking the 'Enforce HTTPS' checkbox available under your github repository settings.

2. Firebase Hosting
Firebase Hosting provides hosting of both static and dynamic websites, microservices and APIs without spending any money to developers. It is a google cloud platform where you can deploy your web apps and mobile apps and it host your content over a global cloud delivery network.

They also offer paid plan if you want to expand your website but if you don't have much traffic on your website then you don't need to opt paid plan. Firebase Hosting will never ask you to add your credit card information unlike AWS. It also provides a SSL certificate to your website.

3. Vercel
Vercelc helps you to deploy your static and dynamic websites including serverless functions support. It also offers CLI support that efficiently creates a build and deploys it to the required server so that your website can up and running within a minute. It also provides custom domain free of cost and support SSL certificates by default.

If you are a React and Next.js developer then Vercel must be your first choice for hosting your website. You need to just connect your git repositor and your website will be up to date in a minute.

4. Netlify
Netlify supports modern web development frameworks like javascript framework or a PHP framework. It will efficiently deploy and host fully dynamic serverless functions websites and also static websites within few minutes. You just need to connect with your git repository or alternatively you can also use Netlify CLI on your terminal for smooth deployment and hosting your website. It provides SSL certificate to your domains and also provides custom domain free of cost for your website.